My blog has been up and running for a week now! I want the content to be open and PG rated so that anyone can see it.

However, many of my stories are not rated PG.  They’re not exactly rated R either, but I’d rather make sure that anyone reading them knows up front that there will be sexual content, and it’s not appropriate for kids.  Although they’ve yet to be cleared by a professional editor, what I’m aiming for is about the same “racy” quality many grocery store shelved paperback romances have.  Yes, they are primarily romance, but no, I do not usually fade to black just when things start to get intimate!

So, this particular post is here to give some content to the Under Loch and Key blog, titled as such because I want to figure out how to make this blog “flagged” as adult, while leaving the rest of my site for PG audiences.  Time to surf the tutorials…  then again, if someone just happens to be reading this and has the answer, please, let me know!