The prompt: Someone has stolen something from you (or your character). Something of tremendous value. What will you do to get it back? Or will you give up?

This week’s post is guest authored by Ms. Melissa Spelt.  She is a phenom of the self-publishing world.  She is so good, she has never felt the need for an editor or proof reader for any of her three works, currently available for sale from her website.

To prepair for this opportunity I spent the last whole weekend reading up on previous liked up prompts from The Red Dress Club and I at first was wholeheartedly smitten by the enthusiasm and upliftingness that you as writers and as readers obviously share amidst yourself and others which is inspiring to me as a writer and reader myself!!!!!

However I was absolutely horrified (horrified!) when I came across a post that was written by someone else whose name I shall not reveal but she really knows who she is and I know she is going too read this so she had better simply apologise right now four stealing my copywritten work which is my property and she had no business stealing from me the author.  To the uneducated the words might seem like the same blah say product that one finds on anywhere on the websites but to the enlightened reader the prose is something of tremendous value.  I spent weeks of my life crafting them and creating them and it is criminal to have my babies passed off as if they were something you created.  It’s like that time when I was in High School and my best friend, Jenny, who was a cheerleader and going out with Brad even though he wasn’t like a jock or anything, he was actually pretty nice.

Even though he was never my boyfriend Jenny stole him and it’s just like now when I do a favour to a friend and instead find that someone stole my copywritten words.  You have twentyfour hours from the time this guest post goes up to fess up and apologise and remove my words the places that you posted them at.  If you donut, I will tweet to all my friends what you did and then they will all know because they will retweet me because I am celebrated and they like me because they can recognize greatness when they scene it.

As requested, I have left Ms. Spelt’s guest post untouched and unedited.

Concrit (or concrete, as Ms. Spelt refers to it) is always welcome.  In fact, if you can’t find something wrong with her lovely guest post, perhaps you should read it again 🙂