Chose Your Own Romance: No London Bride, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Cora, a 20 year old debutante, the daughter of the Duke of Burlington, in 1800’s England.

After three seasons in the whirlwind on London’s haut ton without a single offer of marriage, your father has other plans to get you off his hands.

You have spent three seasons in the whirlwind of London’s haut ton without a single proposal of marriage, and your father, the Duke of Burlington, has decided to marry you off to the son of an old friend. Though wealthy, he is a mysterious recluse.

“Cora!” roars your father’s voice from his study.

You have kept him waiting long enough.

Do you…

Take a deep breath and enter the study?   (Link by Aislinn Macnamara)

Slink away and hide in your room, pretending no one told you your presence was required?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Hesitate?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Grab the nearest valuables and run away to make your own fortune? (By Liz Silver)

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