Chose Your Own Romance: Sharpness of Wit, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

This is the first link in the story chain!

Read from the POV of Frank, a 20 something man in 21st Century Ontario, CA.

You have known since you were a small child that the odd people your parents help out of their cabin on the Lost Channel are supernatural beings. You just never expected one might be so alluring.

The visitor has gone.

You must have missed their night time arrival, but their departure was rather noisy.

You peer out the window of your small bedroom in your parent’s cabin, but whoever it was has faded into the woods already.

Your mother greets you as you plod down the stairs in search of caffeine. “Oh! Good morning Frank, did we wake you?”

“It was time to get up anyway.” you reassure her, pouring yourself a hot mug of caffeinated reinforcement. Breakfast is calm. Night visitors are nothing unusual, although the visitors themselves are anything but usual.

Thanking your mother for breakfast, you ponder how you might best find one particularly alluring visitor who has caught your attention.

Do you…

Go back to your room and wait for them to come to you? (Link coming soon from ________)

Go out to the woods and walk, hoping you can figure out the particular pattern of paths that will lead you to them? (Link by Stuart Nager)

Find a quiet place by the water, try to look harmless, and wait? (Link coming soon from ________)

Ask your parents how to contact the visitor in question? (Link by Pencil Girl)

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