Chose Your Own Romance: Shade, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Jean, a 30 something woman in 21st Century Sundance, Wyoming.

You have always loved coming home to your grandparents’ horse ranch in Sundance, even though both your parents prefer to live in the city. But an unexpected twist of fate has you not only visiting your grandparents, but moving in.

You flop your suitcase on the bed and look around at fifty years of odds and ends in the large attic room. Your grandmother said you could rearrange everything however you wish, but although everything is neat and tidy, it might take a dump truck or a large storage shed to make room for your own things.

Your grandfather appears on the stairs. “I’ve got two more suitcases, Jeanbug, but I’m not sure where in the world we’re going to put them…”

“That’s a good question.” you reply. “Grandma said I could rearrange everything, but… ”

Your grandfather laughs. “There’s plenty of room above the garage, sweetheart. Just let me know what stays and what goes and I’ll take care of it.”

You thank your grandfather, and ponder the circumstances that led you here.

Did you…

Tell your awful boss exactly what you think of her and lose your job? (By Cassandra Carr.)

Decide to take a sabbatical from your job after hearing about your grandmother’s illness? (Link coming soon from ________)

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