Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: All Aboard, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

This is the first link in the story chain!

Read from the POV of Melora, a 40 something woman from 26th Century Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

You have put your divorce behind you and won sole custody of your 11 year old daughter. But even from prison, your ex husband is a menace, and leaving the planet for a new colony might be the only way to safely begin a new life.

Looking over the lists of advertisements trying to recruit emigration to the colonies, it is confusing figuring out which ones are painting a too-rosy picture, and which ones might actually offer you the new start you desire for yourself and your eleven year old daughter. Your ex-husband might be in his rightful place in a high security prison, but his fingers reach far and you frequently feel insidious eyes watching you.

Which ad do you like best?

Mars Needs Women! Feel the relief of living in gravity that is less than half that of Earth while being wined and dined by a plethora of marriage-minded bachelors.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the new Wild West! Get away from it all in a beautiful rustic environment with lots of wildlife. All three of Mukade’s moons have thriving populations and plenty of opportunities for colonists of all skill sets.  (Link coming soon from Liz Silver)

Do you appreciate the simple things in life? Get back to nature and forge new paths alongside the men and women who founded Pazour almost a century ago. Join our self-sufficient colony for exciting new experiences, fascinating indigenous life, and independence from the archaic governments of earth.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Why live wild when you can have every modern convenience at your fingertips?  Takei Station is a thriving metropolis at the hub of many busy space routes. Live in luxury aboard a station with Earth-normal gravity in many areas as well as high-end shopping and restaurants.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Join the Demeter colonization fleet now, and receive this limited-edition emergency tent! Great against micrometeorite showers and sandstorms. Waiver required, and some shots.  (Link coming soon from ________)

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