Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: Duck, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Haruki, a 20 something man from 23rd Century Kitakyushu, Japan.

You have been working on your Architecture Thesis late into the night when your friend Kumi asks you to come to the physics lab. When you get there, Kumi is nowhere to be found, but there are some very odd things in the lab.

After spending all afternoon researching the highlights of 21st Century architecture, you close up your project materials and look at all the messages your friends have sent while you’ve been studiously ignoring them.

The one message that catches your eye is from your friend Kumi. Kumi is the only reason you were able to pass calculus, and the message describes something odd in the physics lab that requires your expertise. Whether that expertise is your knowledge of architecture, 20th Century cartoons, or one of your many other talents, you don’t know.

Do you…

Try to contact Kumi and ask what’s going on? (Link coming soon from ________)

Walk over to the physics lab and see for yourself?  (Link by AmyBeth Inverness)

Go find something for dinner, and plan to stop by the lab after you eat? (Link coming soon from ________)

Note for potential authors: The title of this story is Duck, which can mean all sorts of things! Go with it, please.

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