Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: In the Wash, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Agda, a 70 something woman from 21st Century San Diego, California.

Your grandchildren are always trying to get you to try the latest technological toys, but you are much more comfortable with the familiar things you have used all your life. When they buy you the latest and greatest washing machine, you can’t turn it down, even though some of the things it does are far beyond your comprehension.

The infernal machine is making noise again. Considering what happened last time, you hesitate to make the trek to the basement to find out what your gift is doing now. The old washing machine served you so well for so many years, but when it finally died and your well-meaning grandchildren insisted on buying you the latest and greatest technological marvel, it wasn’t as if you could have said no!

Do you…

Call your grandkids, tell them the machine is possessed, and ask them to come over and take it away?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Grab the biggest, heaviest flashlight you have and bravely descend to see what is going on?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Call a repairman to come and make sure it is doing what it’s supposed to do?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Wield your heaviest cast-iron skillet like a bludgeon and charge down the stairs screaming?  (Link coming soon from ________)

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