This post is in response to The Red Dress Club prompt about games we played when we were young.

I grew up at the bottom of a U-shaped street called Danbury Drive. This is an ideal suburban setting, since the only traffic is those few neighbors who also live at the bottom, and my parents actually let us play in the street with our many friends.

The street also allowed my parents to give us clear boundaries. I remember earning a progressively larger range, till the day I was finally allowed to go all the way around the block.

The most unique thing about Danbury Drive was that the straight street across the top of the U, Cambridge Drive, was a hill. Danbury Drive was a long U, and all the kids in the neighborhood could ride around, and never notice that we were actually going gradually up hill.

This led us to play a dangerous game. We’d round the corner from Danbury onto Cambridge, and pick up as much speed as possible going down hill. Of course, going this fast meant that, even though it was a right turn at the bottom, we had to swerve all the way across the street, sometimes even skipping up onto the sidewalk, before regaining control.

This memory has special meaning for me today. My youngest is now 3 1/2, and she was outgrowing her baby seat by the end of last summer. Today, we hooked up the bike-and-a-half. Miraculously, it works! We no longer live on a U, but we live on a dead-end loop, which is very similar.

And fortunately for me, now that I’m the mom and not the kid, it is also very flat.

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