This is my response to The Red Dress Club prompt:

This week we asked you to write a post beginning with the words, “This was absolutely the last time” and ending with “She was wrong.”

Forgive me, it’s 1:30 am, my computer is recovering from an unexpected shut-down (Which, by the way, killed my first draft of this post at exactly the wrong moment) and I’m very tired, but I’m going to write this one completely off the cuff! Forgive me if, in the morning, it turns out to be completely incoherent.

And the Christian Slater photo? Completely gratuitous. sigh

This was absolutely the last time.

She wasn’t doing any more edits.

It was bad enough to realize that it hadn’t been perfect… ok, that it had really needed a lot of work… the first time she wrote it.

It was embarrassing that, when it came back from the proofreader the first time, it had far more typos than could possibly be excused.

It was enlightening to discover that, after making the suggested changes, it really was much, much better.

It was frustrating to have to endure not just two, but three more rounds of editing.

It was heartbreaking to think of her story, her baby, as a commodity that could be bought and sold.

No one thought she could ever be published.

Heck, no one thought she could even finish a rough draft.

She didn’t even believe it herself.

She didn’t believe she could write something that an agent, a publisher, and knock on wood the paying public would buy into.

She was wrong.

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