My editor, always looking over my shoulder.

I found a great prompt-blog via Leah Petersen (love her!)

It’s called Creative Copy Challenge and the idea is that they bust writer’s block by posting ten words and challenging writers to compose a story using those words. I’m not currently cursed with writer’s block (I have the opposite problem, not having enough time to get all the words out) but I know it can happen to me at any time. It’s a great, fun exercise, and really gets the writing juices going.

I’m sharing my two posts here. I try to use the words in order, and to be as brief as possible.

June 30, Untitled

Prompt Words: classified, naked, dark, lewd, virtue, dawn, angels, sprawled, hate, sleep

She perused the classified ads for the word “naked“. The computer found only six instances, which was unusual for such a large city.
It was dark outside, and the lewd pictures she had printed out and taped around her mirror glared at her with a kind of twisted virtue. They were beautiful. They were not “porn” as her friends seemed to think.
Before dawn, she would have six new angels surrounding her mirror to watch over her as she sprawled on her bed alone and did things she should not do.
She refused to hate herself.
Sleep was her transition from darkness to light, from private to public, from bad to good.
It took her longer than usual to dress, as her angels looked down at her, regarding her transition to conformity as a creative sell-out.
She did not look back as her Manolo Blahniks clicked smartly on the Italian marble tile in her foyer, and she headed off to work.

July 7 (I posted on July 9) Day Before Payday

Prompt Words: Raw, Arching, Manipulation, Caffeine, Cerise, Wedge, Mottled, Slanted, Bereft, Devoid
It was a raw, rough draft.

The arching of the character’s lives was the greatest she’d ever attempted.

The challenges they faced were influenced by the manipulation of the caffeine that replaced the cerise liquid in her veins.

She placed a wedge between them. Her MMC and FMC might never reconcile.

Her vision of the story was mottled, slanted… she needed more caffeine.

Bereft of the life-giving substance, her wallet devoid of the funds required to replace it, the characters’ lives lay unfinished.

And they would stay that way till payday.

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