Mokka, who's a Furioso gelding

Another prompt! This time on purpose.

Meredith liked my Tiffany/goat story so much, she challenged me to another. (@MMMReader on twitter)

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@US_Nessie: “@gingerkytten@scarlettparrish Reminds me of the time I was hypnotised by horse getting erection.” #storypromptchallenge

Hmmm… I’ve just noticed the horse in the picture is a gelding. This could be a problem. Oh well.

“Did what hurt?” she asked, but Leo’s friends just laughed at her. As a professional used to an immaculate office with air conditioning and sparkling water, she had no idea how she ended up on stage at a hypnotist show at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

“Never mind, I’ll show you the video later.” Leo swept her off the stage, all hard muscle and baby blue eyes under the ever-present cowboy hat.

Oh yeah. That’s why.

The hypnotist show wasn’t even all that good, and it seemed to be over before it even began.

The ride home made the whole day worthwhile. She sat in the middle of the front seat of his truck, leaning on his shoulder as the drove off into the flat nothingness north of Cheyenne.

The cool Wyoming night in a hot cowboy’s bed night made the whole last-minute change-of-plans, surprise-destination thing also well worth the trouble it had been.

She didn’t even mind waking up early, the way Leo woke her up.

The ranch was the most beautiful, serene place she’d ever seen. It was like every little girl’s dream, to have a stable full of horses to pet and feed apples to.

She made her way down the row, patting each nose and greeting each equine by name. Leo was doing some kind of cowboy stuff in the barn. She was enjoying being a pampered love toy.

Suddenly he was beside her, snickering about something. She must have zoned out, as Leo wasn’t exactly the sneaky type and she hadn’t even heard him coming.

“Come with me, princess, I’ve got a chore you might find interesting.”

She followed him out behind the stables where his prize stallion was being held by one of the ranch hands.

“Big Blue here has a breeding request from back east. Kentucky.”

“Kentucky? You’re taking him to Kentucky?”

Leo grinned knowingly. “No… not him. Just the necessary bits.”

“You mean you’re going to…”



She blushed crimson, something she’d never done before her western adventure began, and gaped as Leo teased the stallion till the horse was ready. Big blue didn’t seem exactly happy about the whole deal. She sensed he was feeling cheated that there was no actual mare involved. She watched his ears twitch… forwards… back… forwards…

“Well, that’s one thing you never would have witnessed if you’d gone to Cabo as planned.”

Leo was beside her, snickering, and the ranch hand was delicately handling a long tube.

“You mean you’re done already?”

He laughed outright, making her feel like she was missing something important. “Already? That took a lot longer than usual. How long did you think it would take?”

While she glared at him, not knowing whether he was pulling off some kind of joke, or if it was some kind of Western custom she didn’t understand, he pulled out his cell phone. “Here. Watch this.”

She took the phone from him, and watched herself on stage at the hypnotist show, doing all kinds of embarrassing things. “I am about to wake you up.” the hypnotist proclaimed. “But before I do, I will leave you with this. Every time you see a horse’s twitching ears, you will fall into a state of deep relaxation. One… two…”

He was laughing much harder now, and she couldn’t decide whether to laugh with him, or storm out.

He made the decision for her, scooping her up, and showing her just what a hayloft was really for.


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