Her eyes were closed.

No… wait… they were open a little bit…

Weren’t they?


All Raiden could see of her was her eyes. Normally, they were her tell. Her means of control, yet also her biggest weakness.

Just looking into her eyes, one would know everything.

Whether you wanted to or not.

Sometimes, knowing is a good thing. It helps to understand what the person experienced then to know why they are feeling and doing now.

Sometimes, knowing is a bad thing. Knowing made it harder to do his job.

She blinked.

So, open then… it was hard to tell with the harsh overhead light casting her eyes in shadow. Her lashes were so thick, it was hard to tell if any part of the bright green irises were showing.

Raiden adjusted his scope.

Yes… half open, and her eyes were tracking left to right then jumping to the left again. Reading something.

It might be too late already.

Raiden cranked the scope to the highlest level of luz compensation, till her irises shone as if they were the source of illumination.

Her eyelids only half hid the bright orbs.

They flew open. They connected. They illuminated his mind, the download of enlightenment coming faster than he could handle.

Disoriented, he shook his head, blinded by information.

When he focused the scope again, the telesend was gone. But he knew. He knew it all.

He knew why…

And he knew he was too late.

My friend MissRiva Gijanto-Burris is a model and photographer/makeup artist I know through Star Trek Phase II. I was going through some of her pictures today, and thought I’d write a story to go with my favorites. This is what I imagined from the photo of her eyes… at first, I couldn’t tell if they were half open or closed. The story came completely from the photo, and is not related to any other stories I’ve done.  Thanks, Riva for the photo!

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