Alyssa Campanella as Charity Kochsato (via GlamGalz)

This story was written for The Red Dress Club prompt “Let’s get all steamy up in here and write about sex. But you know us. There’s a twist. You can’t write about the act. I don’t want to read about any heaving bosoms or girded manhood (please tell me someone else giggled besides me). There are so many other possibilities. And I hope you have fun finding them. Limit is 600 words. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Come back here and link up Friday!!”

I love to write about Charity Kochsato, the Violet Duchess of Drakeshead. Most of her life’s story is running around in my head, but it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a book so I use her for numerous short stories. This one takes place during her engagement.

Charity had no idea why Royal kissed her. There was nothing inappropriate about the gesture; after all they were engaged to be married.

But the timing was not exactly convenient. What she had anticipated as a simple peck, a goodbye after the conversation they’d shared had momentarily turned just a bit…

“…and of course there are contingencies in place for these circumstances, but I’m sure you’ve already been thinking of that.” said the White Queen, sipping delicately from a small china cup.

No, your highness, I’m wondering what your daughter will look like naked…

“Yes your highness. Of course. I’ve been looking at what the neighboring duchies have in place, and we should be able to integrate seamlessly with them.”

“Oh, good then…”

What had Royal said about our other fiancees?

Charity inwardly shook her head, trying to clear her head of amorous thoughts, though outwardly she simply sipped her tea while keeping her attention focused on the Queen, the ruler who had arranged her marriage as well as the appointment of nobility that went with it. But her mind kept slipping back to that kiss, and to the wonderful, giggly conversation they’d shared.

Charity had met Royal on numerous occasions throughout their childhoods. As they were both daughters of nobility, the children were frequently thrown together while their parents talked business and politics. Charity had always been just a bit in awe of the beautiful princess, and when she received the offer of the duchy she had been glad to see at least one familiar face amongst her betrotheds.

When Charity traveled to Skytower to officially meet the Kings and Queens as a Duchess in Waiting, Royal welcomed her with an enthusiastic embrace. It was far different from every previous meeting where Charity had simply been one of many companions for the day. Royal had invited her into her own private quarters, which were already being packed away in anticipation of their upcoming nuptials. They talked and giggled and gossiped about the other Dukes and Duchesses in Waiting.

What had Royal said about the Dukes?

One was so far on the homosexual end of the spectrum, it was unlikely he’d enjoy being with any of the wives sexually. Two others had no real indication of having romantic entanglements at all… what kind of sex life were they all going to have? At least Royal seemed to be balanced. That kiss…

“…which of course isn’t always true, but in this case I believe it is.” continued the Queen. Charity managed to nod and make appropriate noises. She was relieved when the Queen simply continued on, because Charity was so busy wondering about her future husbands’ amorous intentions she had completely missed everything Royal’s mother was saying.

Charity rededicated herself to taking in everything the Queen was telling her.

And one of the other Duchesses is far on the heterosexual end of the spectrum?

Charity hadn’t been in an intimate relationship since that horrible, embarrassing realization that the relationship she thought she had really didn’t exist at all. It had been too long. But when she dedicated herself to her true calling, she had avoided having any kind of romantic entanglements at all.

She missed sex.

She thought about that kiss… that first real kiss with a woman who would soon be her wife. It was such a lovely kiss, full of so much promise…

“…of course I won’t share the details with you now, I want that to be a surprise.”

Charity smiled and laughed, which must have been appropriate enough because the Queen smiled back and extended both her hands out. Charity took the Queen’s hands, and received a kiss on both cheeks from the woman who was her ruler, and would soon be her mother-in-law.

Charity just hoped there would be some kind of official transcript of the meeting she could refer to later.

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