So, The Red Dress Club is no more. Now we have Write on Edge. The first and last sentences in the story were this week’s prompt. Oh… and this one isn’t related to anything else. Just a random short for fun!

We had to leave immediately.

No, we couldn’t just plan a vacation like normal people. We couldn’t pick out our favorite toys or pick out appropriate clothing to wear. No, not my dad. “Besters are better than the best!” he always said.

I always said it was poor grammar, but what did I know?

Of course we had to leave immediately. Dad had one of his inspirations, and off we went. He shooed all four of us into the contraption, instructing us to buckle in. He didn’t even let us finish the episode of Wild Wild West we were watching.

“Now, hush…” my mother chided when my little sister started wailing about how she didn’t want to visit the wild west, she just wanted to watch it on television. “The commercial won’t even be over when we get back. You’ll see!”

She was hopelessly cheerful. I have no idea how she maintained that demeanor while married to my father; he drove me nuts.

The historical significance of the places we visited on that particular trip were completely lost on us kids. My parents kept up a running monologue (Yes, monologue. Both of them. Saying the same thing. At the same time. Just not in time with each other.) but we didn’t care. There were no souvenir stands at Fort Bridger. There were souvenir stands at Buffalo Bill’s show, but Mom wouldn’t let us get out and look. And the Alamo… well, that was just plain scary. Even though dad kept reassuring us that as long as we kept the contraption sealed, no bullets could hit us, it was still a stupid place to take a family. My sister still has nightmares.

The four of us had to tag-team our whining.

“I really have to go to the bathroom.”

“He’s touching me!”

“Can we just get out once? I promise I won’t step on any butterflies…”

Of course, when Dad did finally pull over and open the hatch, we all screamed, afraid he was exposing us all to some weird unknown danger.

And then we realized we were already home.

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