It is far easier for me to write a thousand words in an hour than to write a concise post that is less than 200 words. This was written for a Write On Edge prompt to set the scene. I could have given more detail about the town itself and less about its impending (temporary) doom, but in some ways it’s better to describe a setting while something’s going on instead of just describing what it would be in a static moment.

And the image? How did I get something so perfect? I have JD Savage to thank for that. I posted on G+ “Hey, any artists want to…” and he said “Sure.” Strangely enough, it took us both just under 2 hours, me to write, him to digitally paint, and we finished almost simultaneously.

Dragoncity, © by Jeff Davis at

Most days, the city ambled. It held a gentle sway, going nowhere fast, even though its denizens fluttered frantically about.

Some days, the city did not move at all, for all holidays were celebrated by napping, and holidays were frequent.

Most days, the city smelled sweet, roaming through fragrant forests at the pace of one very aged and lackadaisical dragon.

Some days, the dragon ate bean sprouts, and the air smelled foul.

Ariadne launched herself out her front door, not touching her doorstep at all as she flew from her Queen Anne style townhouse in the burbs. Up and down Spine Street, her neighbors were preparing for the worst. Belongings were being stowed, doors and windows were being sealed.  One conscientious citizen was even mowing the moss in his front yard.

Fairies hovered around the turrets and gingerbread of their well-maintained homes, casting spells and waterproofing everything. The air was hot and dry, without even a hint of moisture, yet the deluge was inevitable, or at least so they said.

Ariadne called encouragement to the citizenry as she hurried headward and perched on Cooper’s left ear.

Sure enough, the rumors were true.

Cooperville was heading for the river.


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