We go apple picking every year.

This is not an old family tradition; we’ve really only done it since having kids.

Three years ago, I mostly carried our toddler, almost one year old, as Daddy carried the bag of apples and big sister did the picking.

Two years ago, she walked around with wide eyes, thrilled to be out and about with her family. She was even more thrilled to pet the sheep that the orchard keeps, as well as watching their chickens.

Last year it was raining lightly, but we went anyway. She knew what was happening, and ran up and down the rows, pointing at apples and begging her big sister to get them for her.

This year the anticipation was high. She kept telling people “We went apple picking today!” even before the event actually happened.

She’s going to be four in a couple of weeks.

And she can reach the apples herself now.

This was written for a Write on Edge prompt about Autumn.

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