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“Hey girl!” came the shout from only inches behind my head. I was not the “girl” in question, I just happened to be in the way. “Yeah, I know! And I’m not even drunk yet!”

I had no idea who either of them was. I didn’t know if, twenty years earlier, we had been friends, or had a class together, or if, like most people in the room, we simply graduated from the same High School at the same time, and only knew each other by name and face.

Faces changed. And for many of the women (and some of the men) so had the names.

I had a drink in my own hand. I don’t usually consume alcohol, but I had traveled from Vermont to Colorado just to attend my 20th reunion, and I wanted to have at least one drink while it was still free. I had just stopped breastfeeding a couple of weeks before, so the drink was even more unusual for me.

I leaned over to Jon-who-knows-everyone, and verified that the woman in question was indeed one whom I only knew by name. And as the evening progressed, she did indeed get drunk.

One thing I find odd when reminiscing with my old friends is how we all have such different memories about what we were all doing. Some think that we all ditched school on Senior Ditch Day. Well, I didn’t. And I do remember the day. Yes, classes were missing more people than usual, but most of us were still there. Apparently we were also all having sex, getting drunk, and experimenting with drugs.

Um, excuse me. No, we all were not. I’d wager not even most of us were.

It amazes me how many people take their own experiences and assume that others experienced the same thing.

“Everybody has internet these days.”

Well, no. According to the first site that popped up on a Google search, only three in five do. Slightly more than half.

“Nobody gets married in their twenties anymore.”

Sure they do. And some of those marriages last happily every after.

“Everybody’s seen Star Wars.”

OK… that one might be true lol!

But I won’t assume so.

And I won’t assume you have had the same experiences as I have, even if we grew up together.

I won’t assume we all reacted the same way when an experience was shared.

And I won’t assume that what we’re experiencing right now is the same for you as it is for me.

This post was written for a Write on Edge prompt. We could choose from wine, coffee, or chocolate. Odd that I chose one that I hardly ever have… Yes, this is memoir. This did happen. And I wonder if any of my High School friends read my blog… my last name was “Lillie” way back when…

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