Lucky Sevens!

A writer tagged in this game goes to page 77 of their WIP (work-in-progress), finds line number seven, and copies the next seven lines.

I’m not sure whether Alyssa or Karen tagged me… unofficially, perhaps…

Since my current WIP doesn’t have 77 pages yet, I went to look at the WIPs I have on the shelf. I was curious what they would have for page 77.

My NaNoWriMo novel (the most recently completed) is talking about thank-you notes on page 77.

Yippie skippie.

But Sharona (AKA Under the Radar) is right in the middle of a sex scene!

Twitter says “Post the sex scene!”

So, just the tiniest background: Scharona’s brother has told his former best friend Kevin “Keep your hands off my little sister.”

Scharona’s response is to dare Kevin “Fine. Don’t touch me.” And she proceeds to touch him… and more.

She started grinding slowly, searching for just the right position and movement that would help her reach that shattering peak she craved.

Kevin watched her face as she moved from teasing, to pleasure, to frustration as she couldn’t quite find the perfect balance that would take her over the edge.  She was working too hard.  “Schar…” he whispered.  “Relax… hold on to me, and just relax…”  He half sat up, and she put her hands on his shoulders.  Then he started thrusting up into her, slowly at first, but then building in tempo.

And now it’s my turn to tag seven authors… who haven’t already been tagged by someone else!

Jane Kindred @JaneKindred

Cassandra Carr @Cassandra_Car

Candice Bundy @giggilles

Kat Brauer @KatBrauer

Ashlyn MacNamara @Ashlyn_Mac

Corinne O’Flynn @CorrineOFlynn

Liz Silver @LizSilverWrites

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