My favorite crossed arms picture! Paul Teutul Jr. was recently married, so who knows? Maybe an adorable little girl is in his future!

His crossed arms answered her question before he spoke.

She smiled anyway. She could change his mind, and she knew it.

So did he.

The first thing she did was plop backwards on her ruffled butt, her diaper giving her all the padding she needed.

“No, sweetheart…” he said gently.

She pretended not to hear him.

The sleeping dog was just a few feet away, its tail thumping with some happy dream.

She scooched on her ruffles until she was within striking distance of the dog.

“No. Let the doggie sleep.” His voice was firmer, and she hesitated. But his arms were no longer crossed, and the corners of his mouth were twitching.

He was so hers.

She let out a happy squeal, a combination of sounds that just felt good to make.

The doggie jumped, looking back over his shoulder at her, his ears perking straight up, then falling flat back. He began to slink away.

“Yegah!” She lunged, and the doggie went from slink to streak in an instant.

Having fallen over, she rolled over on her side, dramatically surrendering. Her little face scrunched tightly, and his face softened in response.

As her squeaks became a wail, he dropped down to the floor and gathered her onto his lap. His arms, having been crossed in a prohibition just moments ago, circled and comforted her.

He whistled, and the doggie peeked out of the kitchen.

“Come here boy.” he commanded. She knew that voice. He tried to use it on her, but usually failed.

The dog trotted over, head down and eyes up.

“Doggie!” she declared, pointing and reaching for the ears that were tantalizingly out of reach.

Daddy made all the right motions and sounds, and soon she was covered in slobber kisses.


This short was written for the Write On Edge prompt: “This week, focus on dialogue and body language to set a scene or move a story forward, limiting your use of narration.  You have 450 words, beginning with the line:His crossed arms answered her question before he spoke.”

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