Jane observed. As annoying as it was for everyone to have a mind of their own, it was… necessary.

She wandered too close to the window and experienced a sudden bout of vertigo.

Damn them… my window is never supposed to be so high!

She glanced out the window again, seeing only a pretty garden a half story below. She realized too late that the higher vantage point would have let her see The Hamlet, but it was gone now.

Oh well. I have other ways to see them.

She called for Phillip, then remembered that he was away. All the Phillips were. She called for a maid instead, a young woman who scurried to do her bidding.

She glanced out the window again, and a man with bushy eyebrows, mustache and beard smiled in at her. She smiled back, knowing he wasn’t really there. She found comfort in his presence anyway.

The maid brought what she’d asked for, then scurried away as quickly as she was dismissed.

She is the center of his universe… he orbits her, yet never comes near. Not since the ball.

Jane cursed Phillip for taking things too far. Galen’s jealousy was keeping him away, not bringing him closer.

And I let him go… I can no longer directly affect him.

Jane gazed out at the garden for a long time. Phillip was no longer there, but she didn’t mind being alone. She had to think, she had to figure out how to bring about that one final resolution before she let it all go.

Words began to flow from her fingers. The Bell tolled, far away.

Just a nudge. Just… enough. I hope.

What Would Have Been

What Would Have Been is a short story (or novella… who knows?) that I am publishing one chapter at a time… as I write it. It’s a fun exercise for me, and hopefully a bit of entertaining reading for you!

This story is dedicated to the Janes. The real ones and the fictional, the ones who survived, and the ones who didn’t. For all of you.

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