“…and did you see the guy in the tribble costume? With the slippers?” asked Marta, taking another sip of her Pan Galactic Gargleblaster and glanced down to make sure she wasn’t falling out of her own costume.

“Oh my God yes! And I’ve seen more bad hairpieces on Klingons than I can count.” Jasmine was dressed as an off-duty Starfleet Beta Zoid, in full 1980’s glory with poofy hair and gauzy skirts. She subconsciously registered that Marta was doing a cleavage check and did one of her own. It was a good thing, too, since the double-sided sticky tape wasn’t quite up to the task and she was about to have a wardrobe malfunction.

“Ooh… except that one… the big guy? With the entourage?”

“Oh, yes!” Jasmine answered, with more than a hint of sexual appreciation in her voice.

“Have you hit the dealer’s room yet?”

“Several times. And…” Jasmine suddenly stopped. She sat up straight in her chair, raised an eyebrow, and cocked her head to one side.

“What? Did I grow an extra ear or something? Because I have one I was going to wear tomorrow…”

“Huh… no, it’s just… I just realized something.”


“This is the first time we’ve ever met face to face.”

Marta thought about that. It couldn’t be true… they talked all the time. They responded to everything the other posted on facebook, they commented on each other’s blogs, they tweeted back and forth a dozen times every day. She’d seen Jasmine dressed up as Princess Leia, a borg, as well as Christmas pajamas that matched her little brother and sister and a Prom Dress from the class of 2000. Of course they’d seen each other…

…never in person.

“Oh… my… God.” Marta gazed at her friend with new eyes.

“Well, Marta,” said Jasmine, a smirk on her face “I’m Jasmine. Nice to finally meet you!”

This post was written in response to the Write On Edge prompt about a face to face meeting that didn’t go as planned. It’s not memoir, although I have experienced going to some group event where there are lots of people I know through the internet, and I didn’t immediately realize that several of the people I was conversing with as naturally as if we’d known each other for years… I had never actually met face to face before.

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