“Oh joy. Some person hath deposited a slip of paper amidst the keys. Whatever couldst this mean?”

The goat on the corner of her desk stared expectantly, but she knew he was secretly criticizing her bastardization of the English language.

“Hark! A fortune.” She brushed some crumbs away. “And yon perpetrator hast left clues behind.” She wrinkled her nose. “And a mess.”

The goat raised an eyebrow. Well, it didn’t have eyebrows, but he would have raised one, as if to dare her to even consider blaming him.

“I know. You’re allergic. It couldn’t possibly be you,” she giggled much more loudly than the joke was worth.

“Time is what you make of it,” she read aloud. “Well, isn’t that profound.”

The goat rolled its eyes when she wasn’t looking. She never could catch him in the act, but she knew he did it.

She opened up twitter first, then her WIP. Twitter was much more interesting. There was even a convenient call to #1k1hr on the hour… three minutes away.

“Perfect timing!” she declared.

Then she spotted more crumbs.

“Humph. You could have told me I missed a few…” She looked around her desk for the can of air she used to clean her keyboard, but it was nowhere to be found. The goat snorted, although the sound was masked by the loud cuckoo clock announcing the hour.

She found a bag on the kitchen counter, forgotten from her last run of errands. No can of air, but it did have the new thumbdrive she’d been looking for.

Unfortunately, the blister package was sealed exceptionally well. She returned to her desk, looking for scissors.

No luck.

She rummaged through the kitchen, and found the can of air. “Aha! Begone, ye crumbly bastards!” she muttered as the vanquished her tiny foes.

The goat was not impressed.

She skimmed her WIP, intending to start. The #1k1hr was already 20 minutes in, but she could jump in for the last half.

The goat reminded her she hadn’t backed up her file in a while.

“Absolutely right! I should do that now…” she rummaged through the kitchen again, this time finding scissors.

The blister package resisted the shears, but she won in the end. Unfortunately, she also had a tiny but painful cut for her trouble.

It didn’t seem worth the trouble, but she was vigilant and even applied a dab of antibiotic ointment to the band-aid. Thusly healed, she returned to her desk.

“What?” she asked the goat. “Oh yes… the backup… the new thumbdrive…”

It wasn’t what the goat meant, but she plugged it in anyway. “Oh, of course, I’ll need to close the program before I start moving files around. It will only take a minute… I might as well back up a few things while I’m backing up this story.”

Finally, she was sitting down in front of her WIP again, having cleaned crumbs, backed up files, and gone to the bathroom twice.

She checked twitter. They’d finished the #1k1hr.

How’d you do? They asked each other.

Argh! Nothing for me this round. I just can’t seem to find the time.

This was written for the Flash Fiction Project as a warm-up to next month’s NaNoWriMo.

October Flash – Day 1 #ffproject

Here’s the image for day one – from our own +Sarah Pohl.

Link: http://shadowness.com/Lilith-Elina/262–tamper-proof-letter

For info on the project, see this post:https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114801976262704454864/114801976262704454864/posts/L28WXF6XTsF

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