Image Fishnet Stockings courtesy of Sebastian Dooris (via Flickr Creative Commons) This image was the story prompt for Write on Edge this week.

“Ninety-Nine!” Louisa yelled as the pain in her thigh gave way to pain in her hip, spreading quickly as her muscles gave out and she crumbled to the floor. At least, she thought she yelled her safe word, but what came out of her throat was some strangled groan that held no resemblance to her own stage-trained voice.

Instantly Eric’s gentle arms were around her. He lifted her so she was leaning against him instead of slumped on the floor. His fingers fumbled with the silk scarf that bound her wrists, then he gently removed her blindfold.

“What happened? Are you all right? Did you get a cramp?”

Louisa’s mind was racing, trying to figure out why her muscles had suddenly rebelled against her. He’d been teasing her with the flogger, gently running the tails over her skin until she tingled with anticipation. She loved it when he spanked her. Eric had a way of reaching that perfect place, right where the curve of her buttocks met her thighs. And he knew his timing… he always let the sensations sink in a little before swatting her again.

But the pain she was experiencing wasn’t erotic at all. Still, she let it wash through her, experiencing it but not holding on to it, just as she’d learned to do with the pleasurable pain. Soon, it had passed, so completely that she almost wondered if she’d imagined it in the first place.

“Louisa?” Eric asked. She realized that she hadn’t actually answered him, although her body language would have let him know she was processing pain, just as she did when the flogger snapped just so.

“I’m OK now. That was strange… like a cramp or something, but it wasn’t just one muscle…” She stretched and flexed her arms, then her legs. “I don’t feel the cramp anymore… just… odd.” The odd feeling was something she couldn’t put words to. It seemed there was something wrong, somewhere, she just couldn’t tell where and she had no way of describing it other that “odd.”

“I think you should probably lie down. Just to be safe…” That was Eric. Ever protective, and ever conscious of every little twitch her body made.

“Well, I’ll lie down… but we’re not finished yet…” she stood up, using his strong shoulders and making sure her breasts swayed tantalizingly close to his face. “Maybe just a little vanilla though… no more kink.”

“Vanilla…” he jumped to his feet, returning moments later with a tub of vanilla pudding. “I like vanilla too!”

This was written in response to the Write On Edge prompt that is the picture above. Coincidentally, it instantly made me think of the main character in my story The Peanut Gallery Rebellion. In the story, Louisa is coming to terms with a debilitating illness and the strain it puts on her family. For someone who used to enjoy bondage for fun and sex, it is frustrating to find herself bound by her own body against her will.

The Peanut Gallery Rebellion is my entry in the America’s Next Author contest. We’re not only judged on the merits of our story alone, but also on popularity and marketing. I need to get as many people as possible to go to the site and click “VOTE” for me! There’s no log in required to do so, although if you want to create a log-in so you can add a review, that would be incredibly awesome and much appreciated! You can also read the story on the site, and even download if you like.

This is what the contest page will look like. Clicking the image is a link to my page on the contest site. You can vote for each author ONCE during the course of the contest, and you can vote for as many different authors as you like.

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