Jenny didn’t know it, but her all-natural hairspray had been sitting in the sun just a little too long, producing fumes that were more than merely intoxicating. She didn’t notice the altered aroma as she layered it on the great poofs of hair she had so carefully crafted. Her mind was on the gorgeous, poetic Hans… her Hans.

He’d made an attempt at third base while they were at the midnight showing of The Princess Bride. In her mind, it marked the change from “casual dating” to “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Besides, he agreed to dress up as Wesley to accompany her Buttercup for the Halloween Party. That cinched it. He was her Hans.

He arrived in his brand new 1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo to pick her up. His hair was flowing and he smelled like divinity. Ever the gentleman, he opened the passenger door for her, making sure her dress was inside before closing it for her.

All conversation stopped when the two of them walked into the party. U2’s latest hit faded away to be replaced by Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Space had been cleared for dancing, but all the party guests seemed to be congregated around either the keg or the half-drunk cheerleader falling out of her costume. She floated in his wake as Hans led her to the empty space, and they danced.

They danced and they danced. Everyone watched, but not a single person joined in. Finally, Hans stopped, regarding the crowd. The DJ, sensing something big, held off on starting the next song.

“Jenny…” his voice boomed, and she melted against him. He addressed the crowd in general. “Your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, they are no friends of mine.”

Jenny cast a disdainful glance at her former friends. Hans was right. They would leave these friends behind. They would find new friends, friends… who appreciated the dance.


Jenny, after inhaling too much hairspray.

This was written for the Write On Edge prompt “This week you have 350 words to craft a fiction or creative non-fiction piece inspired by a specific song. The song does not have to appear in your piece, but please include the title and artist at the beginning or end of your piece, so we have the option of listening to the song.”

I love the basic idea of this story, but I’m not entirely happy with the way it turned out. I would love to hear some concrit and suggestions for how I might have worded it differently (dialogue perhaps?) to make it better.

My mind went to a silly place. Once in that silly place, I realized I must be in the 80’s. By now, if you’re my age, you recognize Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance. But just in case, here is a YouTube video to jog your memory.

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