Margrid tucked the bright blue shoes under the many layers of poofiness in her grandmother’s wedding gown. She was the fourth bride to wear it, as both her mother and her aunt had worn it before her. It was something old to all of them.

“I have something for you…” Margrid gasped as her cousin handed her the pearl choker she’d bought the year before when the royalties from her books had finally surpassed her husband’s income.

“Oh… oh I…” she was tempted to say “I can’t,” but she knew how much it would mean to her cousin, her best friend in the family, if she would take them as the something borrowed for the wedding. “Oh, thank you!”  She started to tear up, and dabbed delicately at her eyes. But the tears came anyway, and soon the bridesmaids were helping her with emergency mascara repair.

“I don’t know why I’m so emotional. Ever since we got back from the honeymoon…”

“Which you did backwards, by the way. You do realize that’s supposed to come after the wedding, right?”  her cousin teased.

Margrid laughed. “I know, but the tickets were non-refundable, as so was Liam’s vacation time from work. With Ma in the hospital, I couldn’t exactly have the big family wedding I always wanted, could I? It made more sense to postpone the wedding until we got back and she was recovered.” Margrid  took a sip of water, which inspired another need. “Oh, lordie, I have to pee!”

“Again?” asked her cousin. It was an intimate act of cooperation with two bridesmaids holding the poofs while her cousin made sure her buttocks were placed where they needed to be.

Something felt strange. “What are you doing down there?” Margrid asked.

“Oh, just checking something…”

When she was all put together again, Margrid looked at the clock and went through her checklist. Something old… “Wait! Oh no… I meant to buy a token or something in Maui for my something new… but I forgot! What am I…”

“I know what you can use for something new!” her cousin stood in the bathroom doorway, brandishing a tiny plastic stick. “I’m just not so sure that at the altar is the right time and place to let Liam know he got his wish!”

I am putting my foot down in stubborn protest this week. 300 words? I’m over by 80, but I love it. This one turned out adorable, and although I’m all for editing and refining, I’m not sure I could still have an understandable story if I cut more than a few words. This story is unrelated to anything else I’ve done. It’s my response to this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt from Write on Edge to share 300 words about something new.

This week, I have a couple of important extras! Last week, my first story was published in an anthology called Precipice from Write On Edge. It’s available in both print and e-format.  Also, I have a short story entered in the America’s Next Author contest. You can read and download that story for free on the website. I’d appreciate your vote (just takes a click on the site, no log in) and if you’re feeling very generous, please leave a review! (requires a log-in with basic info) Click either picture.

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