By David Vasquez (LVStripAtNight.jpg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I shouldn’t be sitting here watching the rain.

The cool, dry air of his hotel suite was exactly the same as it always was. Doug wished he could feel what the outside environment was really like, but as high up as he was the windows were inoperable.

I shouldn’t miss him. I don’t miss him… I just miss… having someone to watch the rain with.

Doug knew that the rain was making noise. The large utility-whatchamacallit he’d dubbed Brangelina was all metal and he was sure mostly hollow, and probably made a huge racket. But in his suite, all he heard was silence. He was well insulated from the casino as well as his neighbors.

It was the best view in Vegas, in a very sarcastic way. It was a view Doug had actually grown quite fond of. The hotel room would only be his home for six short months. The view of the adjacent roof might be unexciting, but to him it represented freedom and privacy. If he felt like talking to someone, there was always Brangelina. Or Edward, the tall, thin utility-whatchamacallit that always sparkled in the early morning twilight. Shark-boy was the most communicative of the rooftop band, with a fin that waved in the air and told him what way the wind was blowing.

It’s not right. It must be fake, like everything else in Vegas. It’s not right to see the rain, but neither feel nor hear it.

The sky lit up suddenly, a bright flash of lightning somewhere close. He listened for the telltale thunder, but there was nothing.

Not even thunder? What? Is the sound guy on hiatus?

Doug reached for the cable remote but his hand found his phone instead. His fingers almost dialed without his brain being engaged.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when it started playing his Mama Mia ringtone.

Gratefully, he answered it.

“Hi Mom. Yeah, everything’s fine…”

This short story was written in response to the Write On Edge prompt about rain. I’m way behind in my NaNoWriMo word count, and this scene could be part of my NaNo story. Hopefully this little inspiration will help me get back on track!

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