most-interesting-man-240Meredith placed a hand protectively over her rounded belly. Her ankles were sore and she had to pee, but she couldn’t get up. Not while he was there.

He had broken her heart. He had the gall to…

…well, to not love her. Not in the way she deserved to be loved.

She couldn’t let him see her. She couldn’t  imagine what they might possibly say to each other.

He was at the bar with some redhead. No… a blonde…

Meredith sneaked a peek from behind the high top of the booth where she was sitting. She knew she looked frightful, and the polished off plates of food from dinner had not yet been cleared, showing anyone who happened to pass by that she had the appetite of a teenage boy.

He was with two women, both of whom giggled inanely and flipped their hair like they were making a commercial with The Most Interesting Man in the World. Both women wore dresses that showed off not only their impossibly unnatural breasts, but their rib count as well. That was how he liked his women, bubbly, fake, and sycophantically…sycophantic.

Yes. Those are words. They are words because I declare them to be words.

Meredith giggled and the baby squirmed, asking to be let in on the joke.

“What’s funny?” her husband asked, returning to their table with a freshly diapered toddler. He glanced up at the bar before she could say anything. “Oh. Him. Making a fool of himself as usual, I see.”

“Mamama!” their two-year old crooned. Meredith turned in the booth so she could snuggle with the little girl. She was all dressed up for their special fancy dinner, and looked impossibly adorable.

“Be honest, please. Do I have food on my face?” Meredith asked.

Her husband regarded her for a moment. “I can not tell a lie. There is applesauce in your eyebrow.” He handed her a baby wipe from the bag, but the toddler insisted on wiping mommy’s face for her.

When she was done, Meredith opened her eyes to see her husband holding out a tiny box. “Happy anniversary, darling. I’m not sure what the official gift for five years is, but I thought you’d like these better.”

Meredith carefully unwrapped the tiny package with more than a little help from her daughter. Sapphire earrings glistened in the candlelight.

“Well, hi there Brandon. How’s the new job?” her husband asked rather loudly. Meredith looked up to see her old flame standing slightly behind her, looking just a bit befuddled.

“Pud-on Mommy!” her daughter said.

She did so. A few awkward words were exchanged with him while her husband told her how beautiful she looked and how happy she’d made him.

And he walked back to the bar.


This was written for a Write on Edge prompt about unrequited love. There was also an awesome picture of a castle folly, but although I’d normally jump at a chance to write something castle-related, I decided to go with this instead.