fog-66269“Zork, you’re an idiot,” said Blanc, not for the first time.

“I swear, I was here just a few days ago and this field was flowing with tall, wavy grain!” Zork defended himself, kicking a clump of dirt. “It’s not my fault!”

“It’s a good thing for you there’s a fog rolling in. We’d be ducks in a barrel if it wasn’t for that cover, and I can tell you from experience that folks around here shoot first and ask questions later.”

The two of them stood there, peering through the light fog without finding anything of interest.

A soft lowing drifted on the air from somewhere behind them. “Hey! Cows!” Zork said, heading towards the sound.

“Cow tipping? Is that your idea of excitement?” asked Blanc.

“Hey, it’s better than nothing. Come on!”

The rail fence proved to be only a small impediment. It took a little clumsy grunting, but they both made it over eventually. “Hey, why’s there only one? I thought these things were herd beasts?” asked Blanc.

“I dunno. Maybe this farmer’s poor. Maybe the cows are down the hill somewhere,” perused Zork, heading for the creature. “Maybe they ate all the grain.”

“Why does it have horns? Is it a mutant?” asked Blanc, hanging back, grabbing the fence, ready to climb over if the situation warranted.

The bovine snorted, then stomped one hoof in the dirt. Zork slowed down, attempting to sneak up on the beast.

The bull grunted, pawed the dirt again, and charged.

Zork screamed, tentacles flailing as he tried to make it back to the fence. Blanc secreted his juice sac as he scrambled over the rails. He didn’t stop screaming until he heard a gunshot from the direction of the farmhouse.

Scared into silence, Blanc looked at the fence where Zork’s body was squished. His torso pod had exploded on impact, but two of his main tentacles were still writhing.

Blanc grabbed the body parts that were still moving and raced back to their saucer. He threw the bits of his crewmate into the copilot seat and revved up the magneto for takeoff.

“”Hey, let’s buzz Earth” you said. “We’ll make some crop circles, scare the locals,” you said. “It’ll be fun!” you said! Well, you’re not saying much now, are you?”

Blanc cursed as a ping sounded on the hull. “Great googlie mooglies, we’re under attack!” Ear buds were already forming on the growth-sacks of each tentacle. Blanc would need to toss the pieces of his friend into some juice soon, so they’d have the medium they needed to grow.

“And now I get to explain to your mother why I’m bringing you home in more pieces than you left in. Sheesh, Zork, your Dad’s never going to let you borrow the saucer again.”

This was written for the Friday Flash prompt that was the picture above.

I know you’ve heard me say this before, but…yeah…way over word count. The difference is that this time I didn’t even realize just HOW over I was until after I posted… it’s supposed to be 200 words, and this is almost 500. My other flash prompt has a 500 word limit.

Oopsies. Oh well, I’m disqualified, but it was fun playing lol!