“Maa-om…Jeremy’s chasing me with a giant worm!” Olivia whined from the bedroom door.

Jenny sighed. She couldn’t even have two uninterrupted minutes to use the bathroom without the kids shrieking at her. Their dad wouldn’t be home for two more days. It had been the longest six weeks of Jenny’s life, or at least it felt like it. These extended trips were part of the package deal. They were usually only one or two weeks, three at the most, but this latest had been necessarily longer. He could have come home half way through, but as much as he missed them and they missed him, it didn’t make sense to fly over the Pacific twice.

Jenny finished in the bathroom and meandered slowly towards the sounds of howling laughter. They were getting rambunctious, but it probably wasn’t anything she needed to interfere with. She was just glad they were playing in the rest of the house instead of in the master suite. The parents’ bedroom was usually off limits to the kids, but the day before had been extra rainy and thundery and Jenny had played with them in the big closet, having fun pushing buttons and making the giant clothes rack revolve.

She was really looking forward to her husband coming home. Not just for the kids’ sake, but for her own. She’d indulged in a new toy for herself…a very realistic-looking phallus instead of the plain vibrating cylinder she usually used. It was…different. It did the job, but then she stored it back in its box in the closet. Her trusty standard model vibrator was much more efficient. When she told her husband she’d put it away, he’d teased her. “What, did Maud’Dib scare you?” he said, referring to the giant worm god from Dune, one of her favorite movies.

“Why do you have to name everything?” she asked, laughing. He’d gone on to remind her of the many names she’d come up with for various parts of his anatomy, and she broke into fits of giggles that caused both kids, watching Netflix in the other room, to turn and ask her what was so funny.

She hadn’t explained.

Olivia shrieked in that high pitch that only four-year-old girls can hit, running past her mother and slamming her way out the back door.

Jeremy followed after her, wielding something that did indeed resemble a giant worm.


This was written for the Write on Edge prompt that was 1) a picture of a fancy closet with movable racks and 2) the SNL musical skit “dick in a box.”

I have a direct question: Should I have left the story where I did? I still had more than 100 words before reaching the 500 limit. Should I have given a little more wrap-up of how Jenny handled the situation?