FF adipotato

I’ve been posting less on the fiction blog (Under Loch and Key) because I’m trying to concentrate on writing stories, polishing them, and submitting to market instead of just posting them to the blog. Today’s Flash Friday… and I thought I’d go ahead and write my story here before I copy it over there!

This story makes a lot more sense if you’re a fan of Doctor Who…

350-500 -word story (minimum 350, max 500) based on the photo prompt.


“It looks like a potato…” Sally commented. Iain could tell she was trying not to sound mean, but his feelings were still hurt.

“It’s not a potato. It’s a dog.”

Actually, it wasn’t a dog. It was his brother.

At four years old, Iain had only a vague idea where babies came from. The blobish thing had popped out from under his Mummy’s skirt. She screamed, fainted, and nearly hit her head on the kitchen table. The blob had toddled over to Iain, then smiled and waved in a very friendly manner.

Iain hadn’t realized his mother was even pregnant. But like a good big brother he took the baby to the bathtub, cleaned it up, found one of his old baby snuggies and dressed the infant warmly. When it tried to leave the house, Iain kept it safely inside.

The men in white coats carted their mother away s short time later when she ran screaming out the front door.

Iain had heard that all babies were adorable, but something about his baby brother made other mothers recoil in horror. The poor baby was deformed or something. Iain named him Addison after their father, with the middle name Potato because he looked like one. For short, Iain called him Adipotato, or Adipo for short.

“It’s a weird looking dog,” Sally continued, sounding less nice. Iain knew she suspected something, but people seemed to be more accepting of Adipo if they thought he was a dog. Everyone was nice to the dog. Dogs could be ugly and still be adorable.

“There you are!” a strange man stepped out of a blue box, and Adipotato leapt out of Iain’s arms and ran to the man.

“That’s Iain’s dog,” Sally proclaimed, her hands on her hips.

“Let go of my brother!” Iain yelled at the same time. Soon, Mummy and Daddy would be home. It simply would not do for them to return only to find that Iain had lost his little brother.

Sally gasped.

“Oh, dear…ummm…” the man stammered. “What’s your name?”

“Iain,” he answered dutifully. There was no call to be rude, and Adipo seemed to be happy in the man’s arms.

“Well, Iain, your mum was only babysitting him for his parents, you see. He needs to go home to them now.”

“Mmmm Hmmm!” Adipo nodded happily, and waved goodbye.

“Oh!” Iain felt very confused.

The man held up a badge. “I’m from Misplaced Child Services, and I’ve been looking for him all day. Thank you so very much for taking care of him!”

“Oh…all right then.” Iain gave Adipo a hug. “Goodbye, Addison Potato Hartford. Be good!”

The strange man walked away, chattering happily with the newborn the whole way.

Iain and Sally looked at each other.

“Want to come to my house? I have a real little brother,” Sally said.

“Sure,” Iain answered. “What’s for dinner?”