I would totally pay $175 for this!

I would totally pay $175 for this!

“It’s big,” he said, taking the life-size resin alligator out of the cardboard box and brushing off the styrofoam popcorn.

“Life size!” she answered happily, helping to brush off her new prized possession.

“It’s going to scare the mailman.”

“It’s cute!”

“It’s plastic,” he said, dropping it onto the grass.

“It’s kitsch.”

“Is that better?”

She ignored him, leaning over to pet the alligator.

He sighed. “Well, is that where you want him? He’s kinda heavy…”

“No. He goes over there…” she gestured to a small plot of freshly dug earth that was indeed near the mailbox.

“Isn’t that were you planted the daffodils?”


He moved the alligator.

“There. Is that all?”

She paused. “Ummm… for now.”

“For now?”

“For now. I ordered a rhinoceros too, but the shipping is killer.”

OK, cute, but not exactly a story. It’s more like a little scene of someone’s life. But I loved the prompt and wanted to participate this week. I remembered seeing resin alligators in the Toscano catalog, so I looked it up and found one I liked. I can totally see this one in a field of daffodils! Actually, my first choice of life-size lawn ornament would be a police box. Or a giraffe. Or both….

What about you? If you had a big yard and and a coupon for hundreds of dollars for a place like Toscono, what kind of lawn ornament would you buy?