2017-04-30 swag bag

Wonderful swag for first place!

The valve was stuck again.

Egon stared at it but dared not complain. He was never moody, yet somehow that adjective had been attached to him by his demonic coworkers. It was just one more frustration of his hellish job.

Egon looked around. Except for the lava fish swimming around his ankles, he was alone. With a fleeting sense of righteousness he uttered a colorful string of epithets that left much to be desired. The lava fish gave him a look but did not tempt him to extrapolate.

The valve was stuck at the border of Just-Hot-Enough and Burning Hellfire. It was always stuck, and his job of unsticking it was a Sisyphean task. He wasn’t Sisyphus. It wasn’t fair. He’d submit his resignation if the severance package wasn’t so pathetic.

With a curse and a heave Egon moved the valve to its hottest position. Far above him, a thousand souls screamed as their showers suddenly became steam cookers.

He smiled.

Another day’s work done.

This was a fun contest at theĀ Pikes Peak Writers Conference this year! We had to introduce ourselves to the faculty/staff who had stars on their badges, and ask for a word prompt. There were twenty words possible, and we had to get at least five. I used the cheesy pickup line “May I have a word with you?” to collect ten, and I used them all. The task was to compose a piece of flash fiction under 250 words.

My words were: valve, fish, Sisyphean, moody, fleeting, colorful, tempt, extrapolate, severance, and border.

And I won first place out of about 40 entries! #Snoopydance

Hot WaterThis is probably the last story I’ll post here, and I’d like some advice.

Under Loch and Key is the place I put random bits of writing. When I was an aspiring author I participated in lots of story prompts and flash fiction contests for fun and practice. Sometimes the story was a gem in the rough, but more often it’s just rough.

I’m working on transitioning my site from “aspiring author” to “professional author.” I think one of those steps is taking down the blog full of random stories. I may include just a few of the best “free” stories on AmyBethInverness.com on individual pages, but I believe this blog should go.

What’s the best way to do that? I’d like to archive the stories. Is there an easy way to simply make it unavailable (like taking away the links from the main site) or is there a tool I can use to archive the stories?