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CYOSF Duck part two

Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: Duck, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Haruki, a 20 something man from 23rd Century Kitakyushu, Japan.

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Do you… Walk over to the physics lab and see for yourself?

You scroll through the rest of your messages as you walk over to the Physics complex. Kumi’s lab is in a secure area several hundred meters underground, but she must have logged you in as a guest because at every checkpoint, the doors open for you automatically.

The last time Kumi said she needed your expertise, it was just to settle an argument she was having with her sister over the difference between Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. So when you finally reach the doors to the lab, and hear Kumi’s voice yell “DUCK!” it doesn’t register in your brain right away.

If you have quick reflexes, and duck in time, click here. (Link coming soon from ________)

If your reflexes are abominably slow, click here. (Link coming soon from ________)

If you are so distracted by the “Daffy Duck” argument that you actually stand up taller and look up just in time to get hit in the face, click here. (Link coming soon from ________)

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Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: In the Wash, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Agda, a 70 something woman from 21st Century San Diego, California.

Your grandchildren are always trying to get you to try the latest technological toys, but you are much more comfortable with the familiar things you have used all your life. When they buy you the latest and greatest washing machine, you can’t turn it down, even though some of the things it does are far beyond your comprehension.

The infernal machine is making noise again. Considering what happened last time, you hesitate to make the trek to the basement to find out what your gift is doing now. The old washing machine served you so well for so many years, but when it finally died and your well-meaning grandchildren insisted on buying you the latest and greatest technological marvel, it wasn’t as if you could have said no!

Do you…

Call your grandkids, tell them the machine is possessed, and ask them to come over and take it away?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Grab the biggest, heaviest flashlight you have and bravely descend to see what is going on?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Call a repairman to come and make sure it is doing what it’s supposed to do?  (Link coming soon from ________)

Wield your heaviest cast-iron skillet like a bludgeon and charge down the stairs screaming?  (Link coming soon from ________)

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Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: All Aboard, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Melora, a 40 something woman from 26th Century Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

You have put your divorce behind you and won sole custody of your 11 year old daughter. But even from prison, your ex husband is a menace, and leaving the planet for a new colony might be the only way to safely begin a new life.

Looking over the lists of advertisements trying to recruit emigration to the colonies, it is confusing figuring out which ones are painting a too-rosy picture, and which ones might actually offer you the new start you desire for yourself and your eleven year old daughter. Your ex-husband might be in his rightful place in a high security prison, but his fingers reach far and you frequently feel insidious eyes watching you.

Which ad do you like best?

Mars Needs Women! Feel the relief of living in gravity that is less than half that of Earth while being wined and dined by a plethora of marriage-minded bachelors.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the new Wild West! Get away from it all in a beautiful rustic environment with lots of wildlife. All three of Mukade’s moons have thriving populations and plenty of opportunities for colonists of all skill sets.  (Link coming soon from Liz Silver)

Do you appreciate the simple things in life? Get back to nature and forge new paths alongside the men and women who founded Pazour almost a century ago. Join our self-sufficient colony for exciting new experiences, fascinating indigenous life, and independence from the archaic governments of earth.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Why live wild when you can have every modern convenience at your fingertips?  Takei Station is a thriving metropolis at the hub of many busy space routes. Live in luxury aboard a station with Earth-normal gravity in many areas as well as high-end shopping and restaurants.  (Link coming soon from ________)

Join the Demeter colonization fleet now, and receive this limited-edition emergency tent! Great against micrometeorite showers and sandstorms. Waiver required, and some shots.  (Link coming soon from ________)

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Chose Your Own Sci-Fi: Duck, This chapter by AmyBeth Inverness

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Read from the POV of Haruki, a 20 something man from 23rd Century Kitakyushu, Japan.

You have been working on your Architecture Thesis late into the night when your friend Kumi asks you to come to the physics lab. When you get there, Kumi is nowhere to be found, but there are some very odd things in the lab.

After spending all afternoon researching the highlights of 21st Century architecture, you close up your project materials and look at all the messages your friends have sent while you’ve been studiously ignoring them.

The one message that catches your eye is from your friend Kumi. Kumi is the only reason you were able to pass calculus, and the message describes something odd in the physics lab that requires your expertise. Whether that expertise is your knowledge of architecture, 20th Century cartoons, or one of your many other talents, you don’t know.

Do you…

Try to contact Kumi and ask what’s going on? (Link coming soon from ________)

Walk over to the physics lab and see for yourself?  (Link by AmyBeth Inverness)

Go find something for dinner, and plan to stop by the lab after you eat? (Link coming soon from ________)

Note for potential authors: The title of this story is Duck, which can mean all sorts of things! Go with it, please.

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